A partnership among Keystone College, King's College, Luzerne County Community College, Marywood University, Misericordia University, Penn State Wilkes-Barre, The Commonwealth Medical College, University of Scranton, and Wilkes University.

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Prior to November 2008 all editorials were published under our original name: Joint Urban Studies Center (JUSC).

Response to Brookings Sprawl Report
October 2009: Region is not a sprawl capital.

Severance Tax on Natural Gas Drilling
October 2008: PA Should Impose a Severance Tax on Natural Gas.

The Diverse Northeastern Pennsylvania
June 2007: Diversity on Every Level Makes a Region Stronger.
University Community Partnerships
June 2007: A political journal essay on the importance of collaboration.
The Impact of Arts, Culture, Recreation, And Venue as a Community Revitalization Tool
June 2005: Arts, culture, recreation, and venue benefit our communities in many ways.

Improving K-12 Education for Use as an Economic Development Tool
May 2005: Enhancing K-12 Education is a Win-Win for All.

Unite for a Better Northeastern PA
May 2005: Regionalism: An Economic Catalyst.

JUSC Advisory Board Speaks
May 2005: JUSC Advisory Board affirms the purpose of the Joint Urban Studies Center.

Local Government Fragmentation
May 2005: Local government collaboration needed in region.

Greater Pennsylvania Cleanup has Local Benefits
April 2005: The local success of clean up days has long term impact on communities.

Why Should We Invest in Ourselves?
April 2005: JUSC discusses the benefits of cities, counties, and chambers of commerce acting as developers of last resort to develop projects.